Why there isn't an ILS for runway 10 at TNCM in real life?

The ILS is used when there isn’t terrain in front of the runway, and the runway 10 has an approach over the sea, why is there a GPS?

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The real runway doesn’t have an ILS approach. All that is in front of the runway is Maho Beach, a popular tourist beach.

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I was talking about the IRL runway. Is that the reason?

Most likely. IF is about realism, so an ILS approach won’t be put in for an airport that has a GPS.


There’s also the road just in front of the threshold. And I was talking about the IRL runway.

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I thought an ILS was used to avoid terrain and fly through low visibility weather. When there’s no terrain to avoid, what’s the point of having an ILS?


Low vis situations are also pretty rare as it’s in the tropics

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So if this is the case and low vis is very rare at TNCM I guess they decided it is not worth spending the money installing and maintaining the necessary equipment for ILS.

No ILS in real life, no ILS in IF.
Also is Low Vis situation very rare in the tropics.

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Oli H - Please remember there is a mountain and slope that leads down to runway 10. Though the game doesn’t portray it well, it’s there.

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The mountain is to the east of TCNM so is a factor for landings on 28 not 10. The approach to 10 is clear of any obstacles, in fact it is all over the water until you pass over the beach just before touchdown.

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I know, I was asking about the real airport.

Because the approach slope (esp. on short final) isn’t really standard at TNCM - so an ILS approach wouldn’t make sense anyway?

The published RNAV and VOR approaches to runway 10 have standard 3 degree glideslopes.

Interesting, but having experienced it on a real plane I can guarantee you that the last 0.25mi is not a 3° glideslope…

Well that is not reflected in the charts. What are you suggesting they do in the last 1/4 mile? Very unusual to change pitch at that stage of the approach as you effectively start un-stabilising what was a stabilised approach. I can’t see why you would need to at TCNM?

At 1/4 of a mile (400m) you are only a few seconds from touchdown so are you confusing this would ground effect or flare?

Wooops. You know what, forget everything I wrote. For some reason I’ve been thinking this whole conversation was about TFFJ, hence the confusion… Apologies for hijacking the thread - for some reason I can never get St Barth’s airport out of my mind when discussing something in this region :)

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No problem :)

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