Why there is no update release date

Hi everyone, I don’t want to sound harsh, but I feel this has to be said in a topic.

Please don’t ask when the update comes out. Please don’t ask it in a thread, a reply in a post, nowhere.

Why? Well here are the reasons:

  1. No one knows when the update comes out. Developing high quality and realistic flight models takes lots of time. It also comes with risk of there being something wrong. In order to make sure that the planes perform to expectations/standards, they need to extensively test the aircraft to ensure that there are few to no bugs. If a bug pops up in the testing period, they have to diagnose and fix it. This can delay an update when it is about to be released or if it is still in an early stage of development. Thus, not even the devs can give a fair estimate.
  2. Building off of #1, if the devs do release an update release date, they must be bound to that date, unless they wish to disappoint however many thousand people that are counting on the update being released then. If they have to miss the date because of a bug, imagine the outpouring of anger, disappointment, and worst, hate, from some people. Also, the Apple update has to go through a lengthy (Usually 1 week or so) screening process before it is made public so the screening time is unpredictable-Possibly it could take more than a week and then the flow of disappointed folks will come in with hacksaws in hand.

Also, the time taken to update the app varies. Sometimes it is short, sometimes it is long. Impossible to predict that too.

So in summation, please understand/remember that no one knows when the update comes out and why so you can tell newcomers to this forum that may not have heard the little speech yet.

Thank you for reading and understanding.

Disclaimer: I am not a moderator but a regular who wants to put an end or at least greatly reduce the number of times this question is asked. Benefits the mods and the people who are sick of reading and answering the same thing.


Well said mate, people should enjoy the vast content on IF and stop stressing about updates. I should think the devs are as keen as anyone else to get updates out but like you said, it’s better to get it out when it’s ready and not half baked. The surprise element if not knowing when updates will be out is also exciting.

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Boeing I was about to flag you off the title asking about updates lol good post


Bumping up. Lots of recent when is update posts today


If nobody asks, nobody cares. I’ve been involved in multiplayer gaming for over 15 years and its the same in every community. I have just never seen so many people posting comments and topics telling others to stop asking, its kinda funny actually.
It is natural to ask…although I never do :)

Great post. Ya just have to look at the comments on FB about landing smoke. The one thing they give a rough date for everyone pins they to early 2015 -.-