Why there are only few atc on infinite flight training server

i paid to infinite flight for pro version but there are no atc on the airports other than london hethrow. there should be atc on every airport. other wise i feel boring while flying. please let me know your opinion what do you think about it.

are on something called Casual? or does it say training?

no i am on training server but infinite flight said that there will be active atc but there is only 1 airport with active atc that is london hethrow

training server users use training atc, so the user left, and atc schedule is for the expert server.

what is atc schedule. can you please help me. i am new in this game thats why


The Training and Expert Servers both use manually staffed ATC services, which are formed of Pro Subscribers that voluntarily control on each server. You are able to freely control on the Training Server, and can learn on how join the IFATC Team below, and contribute to the number of controllers and ATC staffed airports in Infinite Flight! :)

The ATC Schedule is the list of featured airports for the Expert Server (to try and have a variety to where people fly). More Information can be found here.


Thank you @Ecoops123 for explaining it better 😁

thanku so much @Ecoops123 and @DJW. this community is lovely if i have any other doubt i will clear from you all guys. once again thanku


can we go offline whenever we want in expert server as a pilot. we can end are flight whenever we want or we can end flight?

and in training server atc dosent give right information they troll us can we report them

I’m pretty sure, but you can’t get reported by them

if they are trolling, you can talk to them via PM, or contact appeals, right @Ecoops123?

what is via PM?? sorry i joined this same some days ago

obviosuly the controllers of training server aren’t allowed to report, because any person being new in the community and got grade 2 having no clue of controlling, not a good idea to grant permission to them to report haha

PM= Private Messages

ok thanks @Calditaa

then what is via

is used to specify the preferred communication

bro how i can get to expert sever. i know i need to grind but school is the main issue. and my iphone 13 gets heat after playing for 1 hour so any solution for this

here you have all the what you need for each grade

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