Why the Vso is 44 for Cessna 172

On Cessna 172 ,I just did a slow flight in dirty configuration and I found that stall speed is 40-43 and I did it again with a clean configuration And found that stall speed is 44-45, and that means the flaps don’t have any effect on the game.So, Do the flaps really work on the game?


Depend on the aircarft

Some have had more effort put in than othera

Remember the Cessna was one of the first planes added and is in need for a rework. It does work on most planes.


It depends on the angle of attack too. How high was the aircraft´s nose?

what is dirty and clean Configurations

Dirty is with flaps down, clean is with flaps fully up, in the most aerodynamic position (flap 0).

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It’s not depends on AOA

This is a picture of a 172’s airspeed indicator as you can see the stall speed between full flap and no flap isn’t that large.

Granted it isn’t the 2-3 kts your describing but that could have been the case on the model they built it after.

Can you tell me what the hell I am looking at there?

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😂 the beginning of the white line is your stall speed flaps extended. The beginning of the green line is your stall speed flaps retracted. About a 7 kt difference.

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Plz check the POH of C172 , and You could find the Vso is 33, even this game make the Vso up to 44 ,the Vs1 must higher than 44 at least 7kts more,like the ASI you shown here .

Of course they have an effect. At least on the jet aircrafts

@Michael_Leon… Interesting but not fatal! What was your gross, Where was your center of gravity, what was the temp, what was the dew point. What was the field Altitude, wharf was your aircrafts altitude on final, what was your angle of attach, what was the wind speed and direction, ever fly a RW 172. Your 172 is flying a simulator profile. Every aircraft in the RW performs a little different, when was the last 100 hour check on your engine, what type prop. What do you want for about $3 basic.?Next, Max

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