Why the TBM?

I don’t really get why infinite flight added the TBM before the A330 rework even though the A330 rework has the most votes on the features tab and the TBM didn’t have that much votes.


It was Laura’s favorite plane. She felt like she needed a reward so she added it. That’s why she is in the captains chair.


This has been talked about time and time again. It’s a valid question, and the forum is a big place so no one can blame you for not knowing the answer after a simple search.

Overall, the voting system is a way for the devs to see what the community wants, but it is not a way for the community to “elect” the next aircraft or feature. They know the A330 has a lot of votes. But they also have their own priorities, and they are allowed to – after all, they created this app.

To the best of my knowledge, the TBM is a fast, exciting GA plane with a good range. It appeals to the GA community, while still being able to fly long distances. If the fleet was all airliners, that would alienate a significant group of users who love GA planes, and love getting new GA planes as much as you’d love getting the A330. The TBM helps the diversity of the IF fleet, and helps IF appeal to a wider audience.


That’s not entirely true.

The TBM was added to increase the diversity of the fleet we have in Infinite Flight.
There’s already a great number of fantastic airliners in the app, but very less good GA aircraft.

Most votes doesn’t necessarily mean it will be added in the order given, as there could be technical limitations preventing it as well as other aspects such as previously mentioned diversity in the app.


Thanks for clairifying it, I had multiple people come to me and say this.

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The reason why we ended up with the TBM specifically and not the PC-12 for example, that could have been something that was influenced a bit by Laura though ;)


Does someone knows why is Laura as the Captain? I have this doubt since i see the TBM

Who said it was Laura? It could just be someone who is similar, eye color is different for example.


I haven´t seen the difference, looks great the woman!, thanks @schyllberg


It also happens to be extremely similar to Laura’s (the CEO) favorite GA aircraft, the TBM-900

or at least when that post was made



Philippe stated to me at RAF Cosford that they added the TBM as they wanted another TBM. But not only that they added it due to its high speed and High altitude cruising level.

Along with that, he also mentioned some other stuff. Which im not gonna tell you… @schyllberg remember, you were with me during the time he said…??

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Looks like the question has been answered already, but I would like to add something.
Many people question why things most voted on are not a priority, but feature requests ultimately are suggestions, so FDS can completely ignore them and do whatever the heck they want.
I really hope that you are not complaining about the TBM, it is super awesome and the most detailed aircraft yet, also it adds to the limited amount of GA aircraft. I wouldn’t be surprised if the A330 is not re-worked in the next update (or the one after that) as I think FDS wants to bring more diversity to the already extensive fleet.

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Cause they can pretty simple answer lol