Why the rudder of the 777 doesn’t fully deflect?

Hello, I have a question (why the rudder of the 777 doesn’t fully deflect?) because since the 777 came out it have many things that are wrong, or maybe gonna be corrected in the next update, im not sure but I’ll give you an example here


i was wondering the same thing


I believe it’s something kinda like the A320 where if u go full rudder deflection you will break the rudder and possibly the nose wheel steering

there is that, however, a lot of things depend on Project metal, for example the inboard aileron/flaperon isn’t animated because of project metal, hopefully when project metal is done, they can fix this

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It’s weird because in the development pics from IF the rudder was okay


That’s a WIP (work in progress), meaning it was probably modeled somewhere else than Infinite Flight. Would you mind checking if this is an issue in the air too?


I don’t really think this has much to do with project metal. From the blog, this is what was said can be worked on through project metal

  • Dynamic lighting: the ability to have aircraft lights (airport lights, and more) illuminate the environment dynamically
  • Improved aircraft shading that takes into account light coming from the environment around it
  • Realtime shadows
  • Volumetric effects like dense 3d clouds and better fog
  • Texture streaming improvements to allow more visible aircraft in multiplayer

Aircraft moving parts are all related to mechanics made by the designers


I agree, this has nothing to do with project metal.

The simple answer is that not every moving part is animated.


One would hope that a moving part, ie. a ruder would be fully animated lol. With full deflection and all…


The rudder not being animated is really weird.

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I wasnt sure if people were talking about the bottom piece.

I think what you are seeing is just the graphics. They both look the same to me, look at the bottom. I think trying to compare a real photo with a tablet screen is sometimes false due to lighting, angles, and zoom. Even being off 1 degree can make or brake a 2-D photo taken of something with multiple angles.


Looks like you’re right, I kinda see it now.

I don’t think so

This is important specially for crosswind landings or takeoffs


In IF you can’t turn the rudder as real life.

In the air it works fine, tested it

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Maybe with the next update 20.2 it will be corrected, it’s a big competence with other mobile flight simulators, so it needs to be the best 😂

I hope developer know about this and fix it! People may get little dissapointed if did same mistakes like flaps and rudders (right now) for 300ER & LR/F

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I think the reason why the rudder isnt not fully deflected it’s because we don’t use full rudder deflection during take off and landing especially crosswinds. It was also discussed before that earlier version in IF that the rudder sensitivity was too smooth / rough (as I remember).


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