Why the plane doesn’t tell me “V1, V2 or rotate” ?

Why the plane doesn’t tell me “V1, V2 or rotate” when I’m taking off?

The is something I have to add in the app or FPL?

It does tell me when I’m landing “1000” but thats it. I flew a321, 737-800 and 900, 777-200 and a330-300. None of them tell V1 v2 or rotate.

You need to get IF Assistant for that. It’s an app.


it counts down in altitude (2500,100,500,etc.) unfortunately it does not say v1,v2,rotate. but if you buy IF assistant which is a third party app it will tell you v1 v2 and rotate

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IF assistance? That is the name of the app?

Infinite Passengers is another application that has connection with IFS, and this application also has this sounds.

It’s called IF Assistant. It’ll give you the callouts, but you still have to set the speeds yourself before the flights. Really nice add-on though

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Ok cool thanks everyone for the help.👍🏻

Infinite Flight does not have a flight management computer built in which calculates the V-speeds.

I don’t know if IF Assistant calculates the v-speeds or not, I thought you had to manually configure them.

Either way v-speeds involves a lot of variables. Weight, wind, flaps, planetary alignment, etc.


Yeah I know I have to calculate the speeds and typing it in, but I thought infinite flight does the v1 v2 thing, but it seems it doesn’t.

Cuz this is a game.

And it’s designed to be as realistic as possible.

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John’s working on a new part of the app which will calculate the v1 rotate speed etc automatically


Wow, thanks everyone for the shoutout! Here’s a link to the thread:

and yes, I’m working on an “autofill” function that will set the V-speeds for you based on aircraft, flaps configuration, and weight.


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