Why the MAX?

Jet2 have put in a sizeable order for the a320 and 321 neos to replace all their older 737s and sadly 757s they have taken delivery of about 5 at this point

What I am wondering is why the 767-300ER rework was skipped to the voting between the 737 MAX 8 and A320 NEO. I thought after the A380 rework we would be getting an announcement of the 767-300ER rework being started. I thought this because there was a voting poll between the A380 and the 767-300ER. I thought this poll was going to determine weather the A380 was coming first or the 767-300ER rework. I didn’t think that after the A380 that a new poll would take place. Me personally I am not a fan of the 737 MAX Family or the A320 NEO family. But I am also not a developer either lol

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