Why the MAX?

All this talk about the NEO vs MAX has gotten me curious why a lot of people have voted for the Boeing 737 MAX to be included in the game. I’d love to hear people’s thoughts about it (but keep it friendly tho!)

PS. I am more of an Airbus fan but I do really like the 737 classics and NG series. Actually I would’ve preferred a rework of the NGs than getting any MAXes but hey, tell me what I’m missing out on!


People just like it more


For me personally, I could be piloting one in my future


As the 737 NG has a reworked cockpit in 2020 20.1 update (which is better than A320s) and small physics reworks back in 2018, so we don’t need to have a 737 NG rework at this time but a new aircraft like 737 MAX. If so, I would prefer to have the A320ceo Family rework more than 737 NG


I personally would like to see a brand new version of the 737, and a brand new max would satisfy that.

(Yes the 737NG is good in its current state, but i want to see the whole plane look amazing. Not just the cockpit. Max would be awesome to have)

I have the same exact want for the A320 as well. So win win for me either way.


yea, plus i really want the new max series but unfortunately there’s only going to be the max 8

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Oh I missed that info, but the aircraft weights are still wrong for the planes as I recently found out. Hopefully the devs fix that.

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Because the A320NEO is just an A320 with new Engines slapped on and isn’t widely represented amongst all continents (excluding Antartica obviously)

While the 737 MAX integrates all new systems, a redesigned flight deck staring 787 display panels, New split scimitars, brand new landing gear assembly, new engines, and a brand new APU.


Because it is the better plane in my opinion and there is way way more MAX’s around me then NEO’s


Same goes for me

ehh not a fan of the new tailcone 😂 the new cockpit displays are cool tho but isn’t the new cockpit hampered a bit in functionality because of the commonality requirement with the NGs?

Easy I agree with you I’m a Airbus fan to but in infinite flight if we get a Neo we basically get the same Airbus but with newer engines vs the max we get more new stuff than just the engines


I fully agree with you. Like the commenter above me the neo is just new engines slapped on. We need the max with all its other upgrades, flight deck would look amazing.

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okay, this is a good argument!

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I’ve heard it has more range… Is that true? If so I’d vote for it instead.

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It flies to KEUG and KPDX far far far more than the A320neo and so i am more of a fan

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That is true, but at the same time they will most likely roll out the other models in the future. for example:

The 777-200 was reworked and later the -300ER and F were done.
The A330-300 was reworked and later the A330neo was done.
The Embraer e175 was reworked and later the e190 was done.

It might take a while, but my guess is eventually all of them will be in the simulator.

Everyone will have their own reasons for voting. It’s worth mentioning that there is a lot of American bias on the forum.

However considering the A320neo is the current most popular narrowbody, it’s surprising so many people are writing it off. Lots of livery options, and it would bring an update to an aircraft that’s quite far behind the 737 in terms of quality. Yes it’s “technically” just new engines but it would bring the updated cockpit, a correct wing and more versatility.

A lot of people seem to be quite excited mostly by the cockpit of the 737 max which is fair, it does look good.

Either way both of them are in the pipeline to be reworked/ added, so we can expect to see the pair of them sometime in the future


all the 777s were done in one update iirc.

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True but if it keeps be going like this we might get the 737 max first