Why the Infinity Flight don't give us a gear tilted gear plane?

I don’t know realy much about IF like some months i play it, but why Infinity Flight give us a single free gear tilted aircraft like 757, but i know the IF need the Pro to make some money to update the game, but a single aircraft.

Why IF don’t make it?

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Well maybe its because it takes a lot of work and time to make the aircraft

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I feel like they treat non pro as kind of like a preview, so there isn’t many planes to fly or places to fly to

Non pro is kind of a trial to get you to know the game better and familiarize yourself with all before making the commitment to paying for the app

747 is another answer to this issue

we will eventually get it. be patient and wait for the rework. You can enjoy a330, a350, a380(soon), b757, b777, b787, which have tilted gear, in the meantime.

He means tilted geared aircraft for non-pro members

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oic. I understand both sides. Subscription system is a huge burden for some of us (including me , not playing pro now), but the devs need to run the server and having many other costs for the game. They also have their lifes to live. What we can do is wait and play pro when we have the extra money to show our support.:)

I swear this community begs for all these features like gear tilt, 3D cabins, 3D airports, weather, lighting, and new aircraft, but don’t want to pay a dime for any of it 🙄


It is absolutely fine.

I understand money can be an issue for some. I get that IF is not cheap. But it’s just a reality that IF can’t innovate and add all these new features and aircraft without making money. Would you rather be bombarded with ads on every flight and get sub par updates instead of high quality updates? Besides, the stuff you get with a pro subscription is extremely worth it and you would be hard pressed to find anything of similar quality on mobile devices.

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Yes i agree with you. What i mean is that people are fine not to pay pro and play the free version now, which actually cost a small amount in the past, meanwhile wanting new features. Everyone wants the game to become better. I dont see any downside if they dont send hate to the dev and the community.

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As far as if there are no tilted gear aircraft, or any other particular features in non-pro, it’s because it is the preview version of IF.

So, there are no guarantees about what exactly will be made available in non-pro.

Even so, there is quite a generous selection of features that are offered in non-pro.

But because all features (including the one’s offered in non-pro), have associated development and ongoing running costs, only the subscription version makes all features available.

In short, it’s to pay for the development work that went into IF, ongoing running costs, and to help pay for future development.

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Just a quick reminder for you all, the 747-400 is free and has gear tilt. 🙃

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