Why the ground object was fail to display and let's me crashed?

Hello,this is a fly sharing from an Chinese player.After I updated and purchase the live mode fee,I’m happy to try fly 3 routes(VHHH-ROAH/VHHH-ZGGG/VHHH-RJAA),but finally I also can not display the approach airport and ground view, all ground objects was black displayed.I try to change use VPN or disconnected VPN,and I also try to change the network between WIFI or LTE.However,the result was same as black displaying.I find out there are one reason, when I chilk the top on the right button [System status], the global server still red alert displayed. At least…I’m crashed due to can’t see the runway!!!May I know how can I shoot the problem and let’s me enjoy your infinite flight app happy, thank you.


Check this topic for a solution:


Yes this is a known bug, there will be a hotfix deployed soon.

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