Why the E175 looses power?

Can someone explain why about an hour and a half into my flight with a E175 the engines loose power? Even when I set my fuel over what my flight time is? This seems to happen often and I don’t understand why this keeps happening.

How much power are you losing? May be just strong wind

Engines completely shutdown.

So about how long had you been flying for? And how much fuel did you bring and cargo? Sometimes the calculations can be off and wind can cause fuel burn to be much higher

Well if the flight is usually 2 hrs I usually set my fuel for 3 hours. And my cargo is around 2,000 lbs which my weight will still be in the green

Maybe you accidentally opened IF on another device, and the throttle just cut off.

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I find the ERJ’s are picky with fuel. I would suggest using fpltoif.com and fill up a little more than the amount it suggests at the bottom of the page after creating a fpl on Simbrief.

I flew a 3 hour flight with an ERJ yesterday, seemed fine with the amount of fuel from that website.

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Only devices are my ipad and phone

The last time I used that and about 30 minutes before landing the engines cut off

You can’t open from both devices at same time.

I dont open the app on my other device

We have two people on completely different pages, sorry it’s not your fault, it’s just scrambling up this support.

Are you describing having no fuel, or engines just stop working with fuel on board?

Did you receive a notification saying the throttles are being cut?

Engines stop working with fuel onboard

How fast were you going?

Nope not at all

Maybe no fuel?

Mach .85 usually

Tried turning engines back on?

That is way too fast for the 175. You should be down at M0.75. At .85 you’ll get about an hour and a half out of a full tank. I’ve been able to fly the E175 for roughly 4.5 hours before by going the actual speed for the plane.

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