Why the DC-10 Cockpit is different from the real

As you can see I really like the DC-10 and one of my biggest doubts why they did not make the cockpit like the original more like in MD-10


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I believe it’s the same cockpit as the MD11, which is the glass cockpit. I’m not sure so don’t quote me on it but the DC10 can also be retrofitted with it in real life.

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the adapted version is called MD-10 and not DC-10 in addition only FedEx did this

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As everyone said it’s part of the MD-10 program, FedEx and Orbis have the MD-10 upgrades

Exactly and I think the DC-10 deserves the original cockpit already, for me the DC-10 represents an era

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Yep definitely, the DC-10 should have its own cockpit

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You know, since you’re TL2 already, I bet you could make a feature request for this.

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I think that would be a good recognition for what this aircraft has provided us over time

I will turn TL2 to 1minute ago 🤣

Wait, there already is a feature request for this:

Many thanks for the warning did not know I spent some time looking for and had not found anything about it

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