Why the A330neo program might see only one aircraft?


I don’t know why any carrier in there right minds would pay $290.6 million dollars for a A330-900 neo when you can get a Boeing 787-9 which has a range of 14,000km for only $264 million dollars. Like seriously Airbus screwed up big time with the pricing.


Sad… Iran Air might never get to see these girls in fleet…


The 757 regardless of what variant is not even close to the A330


Airbus could make a hige profit by making an An A340 Neo


Things that make a good long haul don’t necessarily make a good medium or short haul


With the A340’s reputation of it’s horrible fuel efficiency, I don’t think so. Unless they do a complete overhaul which will take time and money and even then I doubt it will sell better then the A350.


The A330 is just an A340 with two engines. If you can have the same plane but it’s more efficient and less costly to operate and maintain, why bother with the more expensive, less efficient version? Range isn’t always everything.


Many people here question the A330neo in general. I think it is too early to say that the program is doomed to fail. Apart from the fact that the classic A330 was a best seller, the factor of the range shouldn’t be underestimated. The A350, B787 and B777X have all way longer ranges, capacities which aren’t needed by all airlines. This can be a reason that airlines don’t order these aircraft.
An example: The 777X had an excellent start after publication of the program as the gulf carriers ordered hundereds of it, but since then there weren’t many orders coming in at all for three years (total about 340 including both 777-8 and -9)
So in fact, the A330neo will be the only alternative aircraft of the new generation in this range segment until Boeing unveils the plans for the 797 (name not confirmed yet). I think this plane has a chance to get many orders in the future.


Air Senegal Orders 2 A330-900neos


Oh wait…

Anyway, they shouldn’t have made the A330Neo scheme at all imo just like @JRRaviation said. It’s a complete waste of rather useful energy and money.


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