Why the A220 is the plane of the future

The Airbus A220 or formerly known as the Bombardier C-Series is a short to medium-haul aircraft. The first flight took place on September 13th, 2013. As you can see it’s a very young aircraft and is therefore packed with new and eco-friendly technology.
Examples of this are its highly efficient engines, the Pratt & Whitney PurePower PW1500G, which were only developed for the type.

Besides that it also features are a very modern cabin with ambient lighting and incomparably big windows. The cockpit also consists of huge screens, which got very positive feedback from the pilots.

There are 3 models of the A220: The A220-100 and the A220-300, as well as the A220ACJ (Airbus Corporate Jet), which is still in development though.

A220 Concept 1 - Cabin Top View LR

The A220-100 is currently the only aircraft on the market build for a capacity of 110 to 160 passengers, with the closest being the Embraer E195-E2. Both A220 types have a similar range to the A320 while being more efficient.
All operators of the A220 have been very positive about the type so far, and AirBaltic, the airline from Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania, even operates an A220 only fleet, while having operated the B737 and the Q400.

So why is the A220 the aircraft of the future?

First, there is efficiency as I already mentioned. The A220 helps airlines significantly with lowering their carbon emissions, and also produces way less cerosin cost and environmental taxes.


Then there is the capacity: At least the A220-100 serves an unrivaled market, which, especially after the CoVid-19 crisis, will help the airlines to maintain a profit on routes, that wouldn’t be profitable with bigger aircraft.

The third reason is the cabin: The cabin receives nearly every time positive feedback, due to the lighting, the huge windows, that are unrivaled in this market segment, the modern bathrooms as well as the massive overhead bins, that are also unrivaled. After all, there were regular reports, that the A220 cabin doesn’t even feel like a short to medium-haul aircraft, because it’s so spacious and comfortable. The seat configuration is a 2-3 configuration and the seats are comfortable, even on longer flights.
Pilots also love the cockpit: The cockpit uses huge screens which make it easier for the pilots, and the plane also uses fly-by-wire.

Speaking of those, the A220 also serves longer routes, for example from Riga to Abu Dhabi, which is a solid 5-6 hour flight. There is also a big potential for transcontinental routes in North America, from or to smaller airports. This was also noticed by David Neeleman, the founder of huge and successful airlines like Azul Linhas Aereas, JetBlue, and WestJet, who aims to have an A220 only fleet for his new startup airline, Breeze Airways. With it, he also plans to operate flights from and to Sao Paulo, and South America in general.

The A220 collected many orders, compared to its very young age. In total it achieved 658 orders from all over the world.
Examples are:

  • Air France
  • Delta
  • Swiss
  • Air Baltic
  • JetBlue
  • Korean Air
  • Air Tanzania
  • Czech Airlines
  • Air Canada

Besides that Southwest is also interested and looking into it.
This shows that the A220 is also a reasonable option for customers, who don’t have an A220 or Airbus fleet in general, especially in these times, where new structuring even brings benefits, as the Boeing Ceo stated: “This is that moment where rationalization efforts get big,” he said. “And believe it or not, in some cases, it even requires that maybe new airplanes [be] ordered.”

Concluding I say, that the A220 is a plane with a bright future and huge potential, and will help to restore and help the environment.

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It really is a great aircraft! It’s like a little A350!


True! And nothing compared to the A220-100 exists on the market

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I love the timing in this topic

Since there’s a voting aircraft topic in the forum today and everyone’s going for the a220


Coincidence? I dont think so ;)


I hope everyone votes A220! WE NEED IT!


Oh it’s really a nice thread, you manage!

I like the photo with the operators and their destinations, especially Swiss and airBaltic! and Delta

Ahah facts , I hope people will notice it !
Very interesting thread.
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I see this as a way to get a nice 2nd reply in 😂

The A220 series is one of my favorites, The cockpit from the exterior is nice, the cabin is a beauty, that cockpit is extraordinary!

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Thanks! Dont forget that this arent even all operators

MAAAYBE this was the intention of the topic, but nontheless, I see the A220 as I described it above, so it also was an honest article about the aircraft.

No problem! I love this aircraft too much, to not get some more attention on it

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Amazing thread! It’s interesting to see the next generation mainline aircraft such as this, the Sukhoi Superjet, Irkutsk MC21, and Comac C919

Exactly, even though I think the A220 is the best product out of those 4, at least from what I heard about the others

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Well yeah it’s obvious that the A220 is the most revolutionary and new. I think the others are like a mixture between the current and new generation features

Thats true. Maybe they also lack the experience in the commercial aviation market segment, but that will come with time. Another big problem are the parts and supplier, because Airbus and Boeing are the only ones with a huge and sufficient supplier network around the whole world

The A220-300, which can be seen as a direct rival to the Boeing 737MAX, shows how superior the A220 over other models is

Also a319neo?

The stats are worse, though the A220 again has many advantages. First of all the backlog for orders is way smaller, because even though there are barely any order for the A319neo, an A319neo order would be put in line with the whole A320neo series orders, which is huge. The A220 in the other hand has its own production line. It’s also cheaper, and is fitted with an even more modern interior than the A320neo family @GameBoy_KIRB

That’s kind of flat out not true. The A319/A319neo have exactly the same capacity. To quote Airbus’ website:

“The A319 – a shortened-fuselage member of Airbus’ A320 Family – continues to prove its versatility by providing a range of seating options, from the 110-seat configuration to a capacity of up to 160.”

Now in all fairness the A220 has notable benefits over the A319neo (probably why the A319neo has hardly sold) but just worth pointing out that it’s there. The 737-700/737-7M are also in that range, sitting between 120-150. That’s actually a pretty loaded sector at the bottom of mainline aircraft.

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