Why the 777 rework is a good thing

I was thinking about which planes in IF need a rework and such, and which ones should be given priority. Then, thinking about the current state of global aviation, I thought of a couple reasons why having the 777 being one of the most updated aircrafts in the game is a good thing.

The overall idea is that the 777 is becoming the king of long haul routes (in terms of Boeing aircraft)

  1. Route replacement: As many of you know, commercial 747’s and A380’s are being rapidly retired, partly due to COVID-19, partly due to them just frankly being older models. Even though many of these aircraft are getting the boot, the routes are still being flown and need aircraft flying them. So what aircraft replace 747/A380 routes? The 777. Meaning that the 777 is in much higher demand and much more routes are being flown on it, and it is much more popular. So if it’s popular in real life, people are gonna wanna fly it more on IF and it’ll have popular demand on the simulator as well

An example of a 747/A380 route replaced by the 777: Amsterdam to Los Angeles on KLM

KLM and Qantas both recently retired their 747’s and we had a FNF about it. Now, instead of KLM flying the 747 from AMS-LAX, they fly the KLM 77W.

  1. 777 Variant Development: As many of you have also heard, Boeing is testing out it’s new, lovely 777X and should be commercially used by 2021. When it starts being used IRL, of course the pilots in IF will want to fly it on the simulator too. Since the 777 will have just been recently reworked, the devs will already have the basic foundation and fundamentals down so putting the 777X in-game shouldn’t take very long or be much more work, and we can somewhat easily get it in the game quickly.

So that’s my support for the 777 rework. To stimulate productive conversation, feel free to explain why YOU think the 777 rework is a good thing, or what other aircraft should take rework priority after the 777 variants are finished.


Not gonna lie, I was super upset when the 777 won the poll. But now I’m absolutely in love with the 772 and I can’t wait for the other variants to come out. I’m pretty content with the rework now :)


But this has exception s like delta who are retiring their 777 and replacing with A350

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Yes indeed, but I think the 747 should be the next rework as a tribute. There are basically no commercial variants left in service apart from, I think Lufthansa, Korean and Air China with the -8.

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yeah tbh i’d love to see that. there’s so many reworks i want but i know they take so much time 😂

In fact there actually are quite a few left operating both versions.

Lufthansa, Air India, Asiana, Thai, Rossiya and a few more still operate the -400, while the three airlines you mentioned above, LH, CA and KE being the only ever, and only ones still left flying the -8i, Passengers version (commercial flights). Although post Covid, it’s unsure to say if Asiana, Thai and some more will be able to keep the -400, where if you wish to fly one then Lufthansa is your absolute best bet there is.

But a 747 rework would, also in my opinion be a very nice one to see, especially now knowing how amazing the A350 and the 777 rework has turned out, being so realistic to fly.

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I honestly don’t understand why people want 757, 767, 747 and A380 rework. Those planes are getting retired IRL so I don’t see what’s the point with getting them reworked. It would be better if the devs work on adding aircraft which we know will be in the skies for a long time such as the A320neo and A220. #getnewplanesinif

People want to fly histrionic routes and planes. That’s y

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But it’s difficult to fly aircraft that aren’t flown IRL.

Yes we badly need a brand new narrowbody. But can’t ignore the significance of the 747 as an iconic airplane badly needing a rework in IF.

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But they are being flown right now and we have the routes that they did before retiring.

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To put it in perspective, I’d say that many of us probably wanted these, now retiring aircraft, many years ago when a retirement plan or date was not set in stone.

But we’ve come to where we are today, as these aircraft getting retired and their reworks not been made so far and thus the people who wanted a rework, still wants one, especially since the developers said they would at some point bring all aircraft to the same standard so I would guess that many of us still wish for that day to come where we see the 757, 767, 747, A380 and other older models at the same place as the current A350 and 777.

Even if they are getting phased out and more rapidly due to Covid, and even if not a large portion of IF Pilots will fly them for much long after their rework, since many of us wants to keep it realistic, I would still argue that, for as long as there is even one 747 or similarly older aircraft in commercial or cargo service IRL, then that would suffice for those who really want that aircraft reworked in IF, but I do understand your POV, and I do share a similar thought that at this point, where as these aircraft gets retired, and many of us being as realistic as we are in our flying, we question if a rework is worth it or should the devs use their time on making new aircraft? But that’s a discussion for a whole another time.

In short, they are Iconic and they have been requested for years, not just recently and would be appreciated if they existed reworked in the simulator for those of us who do wish to fly them with more realistic flight physics, whether they still fly IRL or are no where to be seen in the sky. And for the time being there are plenty flying and plenty will fly post-Covid, at least in the cargo air transport realm.


Also, the 757, 767, & A380 are still in use today. United, Icelandair, & Delta still fly their 757s.

Delta, American, ANA & Asiana still have their 767s. Heck, ANA is yet to receive their last A380. Emirates won’t be able to retire all their A380s super fast. Asiana, Etihad, & Korean Air still have their A380s.


don’t ever disrespect the 757 or 767 ever again those are LEGENDARY aircraft no question abt it lol

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The GE90s.

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Yes i wanna see the ANA A380 in IF so bad 🤩

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