Why the 737 MAX's toilets are a nightmare for tall people

The 737 MAX, Boeing’s next-generation 737 jets. The aircraft has been promised to have “next level passenger experience”, however many passengers, especially on U.S based airlines have had the complete opposite experience.

Passenger bathrooms were never big, but big enough that you could fit actually fit inside without bending your neck, however, the 737 MAX aircraft operated by American and United have no such promise. The toilets are 61cm wide, about the same size as a household oven. Other toilets onboard other aircraft are about 86cm but the real killer is the curved roof. The curved roof makes standing for tall people almost impossible with some passengers having to put themselves in painful positions just to access a basic human right.

The bathrooms are so small because many airlines, frankly, put profits over people. The smaller bathrooms allow 6 extra seats to be put in, meaning 156 passengers have to share a bathroom the size of a dishwasher for upwards of 5 hours

American Airlines has 16 of the MAX’s while United has 8. The aircraft has been of scrutiny lately after a Lion Air 737 MAX crashed into the sea with the aircraft itself looking like it is to blame.

American Airlines Boeing 737 MAX full photo credit


Dang being 14 and 5”11 might be bothersome in the future


Same, but I’m only 5’10




I’m 13 and I’m 6”0 so I got a long life of pain in front of me.


Whelp looks like I won’t be flying on no 737 Max’s anytime soon 6’3


Currently 5"11. Don’t wanna have to go toilet on a MAX anytime soon. 😯

Being 17 and 5’6 might not be for me,why are so many of you 13-14 year olds so damn tall? 😂 Maybe my question should be why am I so small though tbh.


Haha, sucks for all of you. I’m 7 years old and about 2”10 tall.


Good luck getting in a plane dog

Can relate to you there 😬
This is why Airbus is better than Boeing 😂


Lol, tbh, I like Boeing more, just now hate there bathrooms.


I’m 6”5 so bye bye 737MAX

Yeah even for short people there will be issues with it. I don’t get how the aircraft made it to ,Aristotle with such small lavatory’s it will be a huge issues for those with claustrophobia as well and that sinks were so small that for a long time they were splashing water all over the place. All I will say is Quality Control must not exist when presented with cost savings.


👈🏼 6’3”, well I guess that rules me out! Lol!

Being 6’1 I have difficulty flying on any domestic route, especially on turboprop aircraft. So, guess i’m not flying the MAX anytime soon

Haha tall people, I’m 4’ 11’’ and I can use the bathroom!
How’s the weather up there?


Yeah I just avoid the bathroom on flights…

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Popular and Sensible Solution: Sit on the toilet. 🤷‍♀️

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Good genes I guess 😂