Why Sydney doesn’t have live atc

Why Sydney airport doesn’t have ATC every time

Well on Expert server we have a schedule focusing on a certain region everyday. This is so IFATC is closer togther

On training server it’s really up to someone to open it. You can always ask someone if they are willing to open jt


Depending what server you are flying on, there will be different reasons.

If you are flying Casual there are no ATC services at all.

If you are flying on Training Server, then anyone can access this server and the ATC and open what ever airports they like, whenever.

If you are flying on Expert there is a weekly IFATC schedule that the controllers follow.

If you have any questions let me know. :)


Can a IFATC open a frequency even if it’s not in the schedule?


The rule is that you open up all airports listed on the schedule.

If all available frequencies are open then you may open another airport in the same featured region.

Hope this helps!


No they cant we like to stay on schedlue

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Thanks for the help, I fly on training server at the moment and would like to know how to open Sydney airport atc as I am from Australia and would love to fly there

Many thanks

You could open it yourself, but you cannot fly. Your best bet is to just get used to Unicom, as not many airports get opened, but you should still fly regardless.

If you would like, you can additionally request for a Training Server ATC to open up an airport for your departure, arrival etc in this thread here;

Happy Flying!

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