Why some topics can’t be written depending on TL?

I just saw a post asking why the requirements for The different TL are not public and I totally understand why That information is kept private, I think it makes the community more authentic. There is just one thing I don’t get. Why if I am a TL1 I can’t write certain kind of posts like for example real world and so?

You have to be a certain trust level to post in some categories

I know that, I just don’t understand why.

This is just about Trust, events are hard and complicated to make and this is a large community, you need to earn the trust to post in more advanced categories.


Years ago some users would post several topics to farm likes and to “cheat” the system in a way. That’s why there were tweaks and hidden prerequisites implemented. Overall the goal is for new users to ease into IFC gradually.


In a nut shell it is so that new members have a chance to look around the forum to see what topics are already made rather than repeating the same ones (we used to get that a lot!)

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Ok I get that about the events and repeating posts, but if I want to share real world pictures I took, how is that going to be repeated?

You are really close (I think) to being TL2 just constantly be active helpful and read, you will be at TL2 in no time. Than you can share the pictures.

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It’s not just about posting a duplicate it’s about evolving and growing with the forum and as you attain experience here you are given more access. There’s a right of passage per say. With elevated trust levels comes more responsibility and a higher level of expectations from your peers and superiors.