Why Some Flights Aren't Visible On Websites

I’m the kind of enthusiast that likes looking up flight times for the heck of it, and if you go on FlightStats, you find that there are six flights from SLC-JFK. You lookup the booking website for the heck of it, and you find two flights available. Are the other four flights special limited offer, only available on the 1st and 2nd day of booking availability days? What are your thoughts on this?

They could be codeshare flights. Is there a setting to hide codeshare flights on yours? It should look similar to this:

What airline is this? Delta? Make sure you’re entering the same day as today into your search because its most likely that they have differing amounts of flights each day (said this even though you probably know this anyway) plus they may just be sold out.

Flight radar is the best and worst since i can’t see a single flight from middle east to india

What do you mean?

I can see emirates qatar and etihad to asia but not india sometimes

Perhaps some Air India flights are not airborne

They are actually

And the all airlines flying from middle East

You just said you couldn’t see them

When i check in google they show they departed but when i see flightradar its not there

I hid codeshare flights.

Sold out ten and a half months in advance?

Some flights go out of radar signal for a bit, but they’ll come back on once they regain the signal

Since when were we talking about radar?

@C_Baccari 😂😂😂

Ima just leave this thread now as well as the other one. Completely and utter lost.

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