Why so many V.A.s?

I understand that people really like the idea of having a virtual airline in IF, but, don’t you think it’s a bit much? So many VAs are popping up now…I just don’t get the point of it. Why so many?

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People like diversity. Each VA will meet at least one person’s standards, so there may as well be as many as there are.

Also, freedom of expression.


Also the more airlines the more realistic infinite flight will be.

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Everyone wants to be a CEO of a VA…


I made my JetBlue va so I could be a pilot for it.

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I’m starting a VA :D

¡Buena suerte! (good luck!). @13yearoldpilot

this is the main reason why so many VA.

My reason was different. Though it’s a real life airline VA, I created it to signify that Singaporeans must run Singapore Airlines. The previous SIA VAs I’ve been part of were managed/owned by Aussies or Pinoys — not a single Singaporean was in power.

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does it matter the nationality of who is a member of a real life based VA? I am a pilot and member of staff for Qantas Virtual, but I am British. Reason I joined Qantas is because of the realism that they offer within the Infinite Flight boundaries. Though I agree that it is nice if the people (or some of them!) who are running the VA have an interested in the real life airline, for example come from the home region.


There is no limit (technically) to the number of VAs people can make or how many there are in general.