Why so many updates for IF on Android?

Hey all!

Can I ask why is there so many updates for Infinite Flight for Android over the last day? Are these hot fixes or something? I’m running 20.03.03 now 🤔

Probably just livery updates. And small tweaks in the game to make performance better.

Yeah probably. I’ve downloaded about three updates in the last 24 hours

@CPT_Colorado do you use Android? Or an iOS user?

ios user.


I just thought I’d check as we haven’t heard anything about hot fixes being pushed this time around for 20.3 ah well I don’t mind updates lol anything to improve the sim

The last few updates (besides the main ones) are hotfixes to address some bugs and issues from the update release. These are typically listed on the play store when you update, although they don’t seem to have this time. It’s best just to keep the app up to date 😝

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It’s mentioned in the “Fixed” section, it fixes a bunch of issues affecting people with purchasing, replay crashes and time page crashes :)

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i am having this issue lots, and yet im on appel

Good to know :) thanks for the info, topic can be closed if you’d like.

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Your original issue was in the App Store and not something we have control over I’m afraid. If you’re having specific issues inside Infinite Flight, please contact support

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No worries! We normally publish these if they’re affecting many users, but it’s just been smaller groups impacted this time. Thanks, Matt :)

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