Why so many people don't use lights correctly

Ok so I don’t claim to be an aviation expert but this i think this im aware of. Practically everytime i fly from anywhere where there’s any people i see this. Guys just strolling trough taxiways with all lights on. Strobes, Landing and the beacon, All of 'em. Why? Do y’all want to be more important? I don’t get it. As i understand it, the realistic procedure for light use is to use beacon lights while in or around the gate to signal engine is on (or starting up) and the arrival/departure from said gate. When the engines are turned on and you’re ready to taxi beacons are to be turned off and nav lights on. Then it’s only nav lights all the way up to the runway unless you’re crossing a runway in which case strobes should be used to signal to other planes that you are on the runway. While taking off landing lights and strobes should be on before entering the runway so that you can focus on alignment without scrolling though systems to turn them on while aligning. The after takeoff or in for a landing at altitudes from 0-10000ft it’s landing lights on, altitudes up from 10000ft off. Now am i incorrect or does half the expert server, not know what’s the right procedure 🤷 if so then come on, i get someone always just won’t care, and yes i believe that violations shouldn’t be issued for such a minor mistake. There isn’t a way for ATC to make these pilots notice it anyway (There should definitely be a way tho). But please it’s not that difficult to not blind everybody while on the taxiway with your strobes, it’s ridiculous…


Half correct! Becon is always on as long as an Engine ore more is running


yes. so many people don’t use correctly!


Oh, i mean sure i get that. But once you’re up on the taxiway away from any potential thing going up in the engine i think it kinda makes sense for the beacon not to be on. It’s a little distracting if everyone has them on but that’s just my opinion

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No! Beacon has tu run all the time from start up till shut down.


That’s a Procedure!


Beacon must be switched on wherever you are if you have at least one engine running.

That’s ICAO man


@Robert_NG001 Ok, I’ll keep that in mind! Thanks! I didn’t know that, still strobes on while taxiways just annoys me 😅😂


i once was flying with this one guy and he turned his strobe lights off at 10kft. I asked why and he said that’s what they do… no mate you got it all wrong 😭

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Nav can be on gate and stays on till shut down. Before engine start beacon lights till shut down.

Strobs before enter a runway and of when leaving the runway.

Landing lights could be used as Taxi lights and turn of at FL100 and turned on at FL100


@IF.Kaden Yeah it seems a lot of people are pretty much clueless when it comes to lights 🤣


Year, looks like! See this mistakes all day here

yeah, that’s a pain as well as LDG lights are ON when in front of the aircraft is a terminal building

imagine paxes there just like


@Robert_NG001 Landing lights used as a taxi lights makes sense in poor visibility (night) conditions otherwise it does look a bit weird but I don’t really have a problem with that. To reiterate my main issue it’s strobes while on ground and not on a runway. And once again thank you for actually bringing ICAO to this conversation I didn’t know that I’ve been using beacon wrong! But I don’t belive that’s a huge issue not that I don’t acknowledge my mistake but it’s pretty self evident that the engine is on, if you’re moving on a taxiway

strobes are used just at the moment of holding short, during all the flight, and after clearing all the runways, right? or are they used right after entering the runways? I’m unsure

With the beacon you may not see the tow truck or so when you sit in a car and drive next to an Rolling airplane. You sometimes don’t know it. And with the beacon lights you know.

With the landing lights its hard here in the sim because you could be at the time noon and the other person is at 01:00am so totaly dark

When you stay at the hold short and after the takeoff clearance or line up and wait you turn it on before entering. Not in waiting position

And sorry when leaving the runway turn of at the hold short

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