Why so big

How many gb were added into the game update because the game took up 95%of my phones storage compared to the 55% it was at before the update what did you guys add into to the base game not the server that eats up so much space And is their a way to reduce this space take up on your end with out me haveing to go and buy an iPad

I have a Samsung galaxy J7

You will need a SD card to put the game in

That’s the easiest way to change end this problem

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The application itself hardly takes up any space, only 100MBs I believe.

It’s downloading all the aircraft that takes up the most space. Delete the aircraft that you’ve downloaded that you don’t use or rarely use. This will help save storage.

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We appreciate your post today, and your efforts to report this issue. Before we do anything, please have a look at this topic:

It will give you the correct format for a #support topic.

I believe Infinite Flight has become smaller after the Global update. This is because of the terrain being streamed, so I don’t think that is your issue.

Your phone comes with a base storage of 16GB, maybe try clearing a few of your unused apps or photos?

Please let us know once you have done all of the above.


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Yes but how shouldn’t the aircraft space be the same as it was before the update? Or is it all the extra Coding going and features they added to the aircraft or is it the regions with the google maps imagery added to them?

I did it’s still ate my storage

How much storage do you currently have available on your phone?

The update dropped it all the way down the 339MB and their was about 2GB of storage left and this was before the update with all aircraft and regions included now after the update it’s been dropped to 339MBs

Is it possible the app may have added extra duplicated content?

Maybe PM a mod about it, see if they could help, @moderators??

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I have tried it it did not help still at 339mbs

I’ll go buy an SD card for my phone and transfer the game into their also I should note another issues IFAssistant isn’t working when it comes to the global update the copilot not saying any thing And the flight attendant isn’t announcing any thing I don’t know if this is a recent known issue but on android it’s not working

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