Why should topics be closed half way through?

After the June 2020 update of #real-world-aviation multiple threads/discussions were closed. It shouldnt be happening as its like shutting the server half a day before and after an update

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But you also have to think about the moderators and how hard it is for them to supervise dozens of the same topic. Well done Mods!

I’m sure many people will abandon this community and seek for another one or be only in PMs, like me.


The topics that got closed were falling under the new Real World Aviation rules that were implemented today. As those rules are valid effective immediately and count for new as well as existing topics, we closed those. They weren’t just “halfway through” as you say as that’s exactly the thing with the topics like “What’s your favorite…”. They don’t have an end until they’re closed.

I can only repeat what I said when we closed the “Guess the Aircraft” topics: This community offers much more than those topics. We’re an Infinite Flight community. Real World Aviation is a big part of Infinite Flight, but not the main part behind this platform. Have a look at Virtual Airlines, IFATC or Airport Editing. I’m sure you’ll find something there that’s interesting for you! 😊