Why Regulars move topics

Back for what I intend to be my last Meta Tutorial for now (I apologize I’ve made many but have had a lot I wanted to say for a while now).

When we move a topic, it is because it has been placed in the wrong spot. See this tutorial for the descriptions of what should go where:

Why don’t we just ignore them and let mods do it?

The moderators (Those with the shields next to their names) have better things to do than re-categorizing topics. They have flags to sort through, issues to deal with, they have a personal life. That is why we exist-to do the small work for them (Kind of like an assistant). So each time you insist on having a moderator do it for you, keep in mind you’re taking away their time that could be spent on something more productive.

We are encouraged to move topics for them, with at least one example that I can remember saying that it helps them with their job in the forums.

However, sometimes we make mistakes (We’re humans after all). I cannot make a hard and fast rule because I am not a moderator, but I would suggest PMing the person who edited your topic explaining why you think the move was unjustified. I personally accept PMs-I’ll let the other regulars determine if they want to receive PMs about the moves (I highly suggest you do because they have right to refute a move).

Lastly, please understand that when we move a topic of yours, it’s nothing personal, we are not trying to make you feel bad, feel stupid, etc. We are trying to keep the forum in order and to make sure everything is put in its corresponding spot. Thank you for understanding and reading.

Note: Regarding changing topic titles, I rarely change topic titles but if I do, it is usually because the original title is not descriptive enough for the post or because of a series of typos that make it hard to understand. Others may change the title to make it fit the Events category topic title guidelines or for their own reasons. Please don’t take offense to this too.

Disclaimer: I am not a mod but a regular who wants to make the other regulars and the mods lives easier.


Well said.

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Thanks for making our lives easier.

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I’m not trying to pick a fight, I’m sincerely curious. Why can’t the people moving topics around, changing titles, and/or patrolling as the format police initiate a PM instead of replying in the tread about corrections to the post?

Honestly that would be a lot more professional!! The feature and event threads that get polluted with people correcting each other are childish in my opinion.

What ever happened to “praise in public, reprimand in private”? I really don’t like seeing noob topic creators getting put down.


I stopped announcing when/why I move posts a long time ago. Most regulars don’t do this, however some remain to. If it irritates you and/or others, send that person a PM explaining why and hopefully they’ll understand why and stop doing it.

Regarding praise in public, reprimand in private, I cannot answer that. Depends on the person. What I will do is remind someone to change the event title topic with the hopes that someone that does know how to change will do it (I am not aware of the format, I just know it exists). I’ve also recently tried to be nice with it by adding an emoticon or :) for good measure if you didn’t already pick up on it. It’s a friendly reminder or notification to someone that is mew, and the other new members of the forum that are still learning the ropes. I’m not going to constantly bump the rule posts up, i let people learn from example/others. It’s not supposed to be a “you’re stupid” comment-If you really feel that it is hostile and embodies what it shouldn’t be, then I suggest giving that person a friendly reminder.

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Just a friendly reminder for the new users. For the older users, thanks for being very understanding :). We appreciate it


Bump again for the new users.

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There has been a large increase recently in people not understanding what regulars are and why they do things. This should help calm the onslaught…

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Well said @Boeing707