Why really serious violations don't count?

I am in a final approach and a plane behind simply crashes with me and nothing happens. This makes the simulator unrealistic and promotes bad behavior. If proximity is detectable by IF (yellow and red planes in the map) why not plane to plane accidents? These are the violations that really should ghost the pilot.


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I’m guessing you are in TS1, We can’t comment much about it as it’s full of nimrods. They don’t even care with the rules. If you are flying in Expert when there’s an Active ATC, The plane that crashed to you will be ghosted by the ATC. Don’t worry, Most of Expert Pilots are more matured than the ones in TS1


Correct TS1 is filled with a bunch of “peanut pilots”


They should do that for planes both on ground and mid air.


You know how much choas this would cause? The game wouldn’t be able to detect the violater and the victim, and so it would be a living hell on any server online. You would get people who make accounts just to suicide into other planes


You can report the pilot, 3 reports and the pilot is ghosted

Very in the contrary. Violators would be ghosted, and in violators ghosted multiple times banned. It is all about realism and a plane trespassing another plane is certainly not realistic. Rules to avoid air crashes are clear and detection of a violation even before the accident is feasible.

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But how can you decide who is at fault? That seems like a difficult code to come up with.


Yep, that’s an option that I personally use. However, reporting while performing the final landing is a mess. You have to shift to the map window, center the map, zoom-in until you can click on the violator and finally report it is not practical. Often, the violator ends the flight before you do all that or you end up crashing your plane. It would be great if you could click directly on the plane in the screen, not the map, and report it.

In certain circumstances, yes. In many more, violation is evident. Rules are that you must slow down or divert if you are getting too close to a plane from behind. Or you must descend and turn to the right if the plane is coming to you from the front.

These situations are detectable by the simulator and not proceeding according to the rules should be a violation. Of course, other not that obvious crashes simply should create a crash where you flight ends with no violation to none pilot.

So when I come out of nowhere in my F16 at 1,000kts and smash into the front of you, you’ll be back on the forums complaining that you got ghosted because I crashed into you and the system detected you at the violator. There’s way too many variables for something like this.


Again, violation for obvious, detectable cases, i.e. You had the time to detect a plane coming to you and you did not divert. And in any case, a crash is a crash and involved planes flight should end with the proper message, such as, “Crash between X and Y”. planes trespassing each other like ghosts is not realistic at all.

If you go that route, there needs to be more logic rather than collision detection. I don’t want to be given a violation because someone spawned on or near me with a larger plane and we touch. I agree, theres too much to consider for coding with not a lot of benefits.


Ok, let’s say that it is hard for the system to identify who is at fault. But ghost trespassing really goes against realism. A crash should end involved planes flight with the proper message, such as, “Crash between X and Y”.

No thanks if some nimrod makes me crash for running into me I’d be pissed.


… with he user having the possibility to set crash realism to yes or no.

The most interesting situations and maneuvers for me have been dealing with nimrods and avoiding the crash, thanks to my ability and despite their stulidity. By the way, an excellent flight practice.

Or at least make those planes ‘crash’ but not ghosted if they can’t differentiate between offender and victim.


I am currently on TS 1 and do not like being called a peanut pilot. Yes I am really a grade 4 but went into a stall giving me a ghosting. ( First time) Does not make me a peanut pilot!!

Yo lighten up. And if your still stalling aircraft at grade four then you need to practice flying a bit. Just saying. But that’s not what he was referring to anyway