Why Planes Don't Fly Faster by Wendover Productions

Interesting video by Wendover Productions!


Just watched it and I never knew that it was dangerous to fly trans sonic. Also good to know how to save fuel and not have to make an emergancy landing. But I think I will be riding the jet streams when possible

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Wow. I just finished watching that video and came here only to find this thread.

PS I’m now using the 787 for all long haul flights ;)


Thank you, very interesting! Never knew about that transonic range effect.

You can use the A388 as it has 8:1 ratio of air going right through. However you can only really take off at airports with 3400M/11,150 ft runways

I loved this video and Wendover Productions. Ultra informative and great for people with huge amounts of curiosity about aviation.

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ANA flies their 787s domestically BTW.

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Watched this yesterday, I love his videos

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I’ve watched all his aviation related vids. You’ll learn a lot!

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