Why plane shake while using the times 5 feature

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A new aveegeek here 😊
I had a question about the times 5 feature, since I fly solo I usually fly the a321 and when I want to do a quick flight (KLAX-KSAN) I use the times 5 feature so I can do my flight faster and the whole plane shakes from one side to the other (throttle and wind not related) so does anyone have any tips.
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If I had to guess, I would say you’re seeing the turbulence sped up.

This is a pretty common bug. To fix this, just simply go back to 1X mode, until the plane is stable, then go back to 5X mode. Repeat this a few times, hopefully this helps!

I use the times 5 feature a lot, so it would be nice if this could be fixed.

Besides @howdy_howdy’s comment I’ll add that the shake somewhat depends on the aircraft type you use. Sometimes I stick with the one’s that shake less to keep it to a minimum.

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Thank you, but in this case I had 0 turbulence

Thank you all very much, this helps 😊

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