Why people going to Kai Tak on Expert Server...


Just annoying to see all the guys on expert server not even knowing the Kai Tak Approach, or knowing how to go around. Why dont you practice on training server and leave the expert server for those who know how to approach. So the real experts can enjoy this airport with ATC and ATC has it much easier too. Like the situation right now it is a mess.

If you fly to Kai Tak on expert please study the approach before. Would be nice and every real expert will be grateful for sure… JUST MY TWO CENTS


I mean, it’s Featured Airport today.

and its called expert server ;-) Approaching form the north trough the hill and then deep diving into the airfield is not right ;-)

People may not know the approach. Going to a different server may not help the situation. And VHHH is closed off for the day, so it’s not like they can go there

If approach is active, they should be vectoring aircraft for a visual approach only.

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before approach was closed… People just are not able to do the turn or fly manually. Thats sad on expert server.

Yeah so they should check before? I mean Expert server you getting ghosted for everything and they want to keep the standards high there? Right now it is not

If ATC wasn’t allowing people to do the visual, that’s when you privately communicate with the person controlling to find out the reasons why. Not saying how bad/sad that is

no the ATC did fine I think. Allowing visual via right base!

Yeah they where doing a visual via right base.

You aren’t able to do a full ILS approach as you would hit the terrain or have terrain separation issues when landing on 13.

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YES AND THAT IS 100% correct! Nothing to complain about! But why some people coming in on the full ILS? Deep diving into the airport after the hill. Making it impossible to approach other people correctly

I do not blame the ATC I blame other pilots which are not preparing fro this flight… But lets fly to Kai Tak and nobody knows how to do… Really expert

I must agree, seeing the tragic approach control and people frantically diving down or attempting to do pattern work is very saddening on expert server - I feel it even more so as It was my home airport, and it’s easy to get hot-headed and offended.
That being said, I know there’s nothing I can do about it. It would be nice if someone could open one of those ‘Airport procedures tutorials’ like this thread:


I agree. This is quite sad to see on the expert server! The approach doesn’t have to be exactly right, but people should go around the mountain!!!

my words! Thanks for understanding! I think if you want to fly on expert server into a difficult airport like that you should at least prepare little bit and study the standard approach. Otherwise you can fly to any other airport in the IF World as it makes no different if you want straight in full ILS approaches

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I honestly don’t think it matters to people. Sure the expert server is all about being realistic, well and good, but especially for a featured airport, like this people don’t look up approaches and stuff. For example when DCA was open no one did the River visual, and those who did were practically in the way since they were going a different way. Eaven at “normal” airports approaches are rarely followed to the T. For example when KPIT was open they were definitely doing it differently than it is usually done, but again, I don’t really expect people to spend hours reasurching, and planning for a flight in a mobile game especially…

Hello, I am mid-flight and it appears Tyler has just placed a new NOTAM at VHXX, warning all pilots that an approach to Kai Tak is challenging, tight right base, checkerboard approach. Hopefully this, along with a new approach controller, will solve this issue.

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Ok, I’m coming from the north, can someone get me a approach chart. I’m pretty sure you come from the sea and turn in

this is the right way to act in situations like these

Final approach