Why people get so many violations ?

Hi everyone,

So I was flying on Expert, getting my landings on my way to grade 5. And I was wondering how so many people manage to get so many violations on Expert. It’s understandable that users don’t really care on Training server and that’s fine, but I’m actually surprised that most of people who fly on Expert don’t care as well.
I would understand if restrictions were hard to follow, but most of the time, you only have to respect taxi speed and fly speed and that’s it, you don’t get any violations at all !
I got my first violation when I started flying on Training server maybe a year ago, I have to admit that I wasn’t informed at all that violations apply to us on Training, and I’m not a pilot as well, my knowledge of aviation restrictions is poor. But right after I got the violation for speed limit, I directly went to forum check what the hell are those restriction. I was glad to see that they were easy to respect.

If I, some young boy with a very limited knowledge in aviation, manage to get only 3 violations after 474 online flights, then why do I see this when I select the first three random users on Expert:

Just some reminder guys that you should try to be a little more professional on Expert because if you just want to fly with non rules, then Training should be the place to fly. No ghosting with multiplayer fun. It’s not criticism, I’m not perfect as well, but it’s common sense.


A lot of people racked up violation after violation on the training server when they first started playing, as they didn’t know any better.

Btw, I think this should be #general, as It doesn’t relate to a specific in-game related matter, but instead talks about violations in general.


I’m still in the Training server and I take it seriously. The first three random users I click on in the Training server have less violations than that.


Changed to general.

I can understand that you can have some violations at the beginning. But it’s also everyone’s duty to inform themselves how to properly fly with other users, especially when you want to fly on Expert. It’s not like the violations are hidden or something. You clearly have a signal telling you that you violated some rule.


I actually have to agree with you on this, there is nothing in-game that let’s a new user know what the violations are, unless they visit the forum.

This screen should be in-game and available to new users without having to join the forum. (Click for full screen)


I’m on the training server a lot, grade 2, and I have got violations, and warnings, but I only end up having 2! But, as you randomly selected users, I’m going to do that to.
Here are 3 users which have more violations then me.
Again, randomly selected
image image image it’s still a problem, but not a biggie on TS

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Violations show that you have made a mistake. That you are learning each day something new. You are growing and are becoming more knowledgeable and professional by the day.

Violations for me are very dear to me, they show that I’ve gone through a lot and have learned a lot along the path that I’ve flown.

To me Vios aren’t bad, they are the learning stones that we step on to go forward as pilots.


I have 299 violations in my career. This all came from a lack of understanding of why the rules exist. All of my violations came from before I went to flight school, so I view them as a badge of honor now. They remind me how much I’ve learned and keep me humble.


I got 4 aerobatic violations in a 787 during a 14 second flight. I have no idea how that happened. The system is not perfect. I also th8nk people do not understand the implications for promotion early on so they don’t care about the accumulation of them

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Its not as easy sometimes as you have explained. I myself only have around 20 violations, but have all happened in 3 or 4 incidents, because sometimes one mis-click on the screen or 60 seconds of not paying attention can quickly rack 4 to 5 violations despite only making one mistake

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It’s a good way to learn nothing wrong with having them in my opinion helps you get better at the game

I’ve flown on Expert/Advanced mostly, here’s why I get violations

  • distractions irl, people calling you for help, distracted by some nice videos/whatever you’re into/Swiss rituals on tunnels

  • you’ll forget and crash

  • run out of fuel when you’re not at home

  • forget to enable spoilers when busy with other things


Old accounts from the days of standing and airspace violations will more than likely have a lot of violations as well.

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That’s correct - I remember getting 11 violations in 2 minutes for flying in Bravo airspace that was above my pilot rating at the time. This is no longer the case on any server

I never got a violation til I went to sleep on a hefty tail wind when I was flying over the Atlantic before that I never had a violation ever. I wouldn’t be surprised also if most of the violations come from doing long hauls and not being there when a tail wind pushes you over speed or when landing and they descend too fast into an airport and can’t slow down and refuse to go around which I have seen.


Did you by any chance get 6 violations? If so, it sounds like the same thing that happened to me which was actually running out of fuel and nose diving through 10,000 ft rather than a tail wind. According to some knowledgeable people on this forum, its not possible for a tail wind to push you into overspeed in level flight.

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I only got 3 in 40 seconds because I just happened to wake up as the over speed alarm went off.

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where did you get this

I didn’t know their was a ground speed, aerobatics, or runway idle violation

This happened to me when K first flew the 747-8. I don’t fly it anymore