Why Oshkosh?

I was going through the regions and saw Oshkosh. I knew it was there, just don’t fly in it much, because there are barely any bigger airports! So, I don’t know if there is a real answer to this but, why did the Devs make Oshkosh? (Not trying to be mean or offensive). Why was it chosen over other regions, like Chicago, as it wasn’t in the game yet. (Correct me if I’m wrong on that)

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Yes keep it in general. I feel like every simulator needs a region for my favorite, props and tail draggers!

It’s completely useless to you jet heads. But for someone like me or @Maxmustang who like laid back flying, it’s perfect. Unfortunately the jet heads outnumber the prop fans.


I believe it might be the home of a few developers. Also the team use it for ATC, Devloping… Etc


I think it’s because FDS was fascinated by the Oshkosh air show so they’ve decided to put it in IF.


@hmkane… MaxSez. Oshkosh is aviation magic. & “Air Venture” is the largest Pilots Rally in the US of the year! FDS always participates. This year it’s in July. Look it up on the Web. Pilots come from all over the world and the major builders all are represented. It’s a show case. WHY Oshkosh, live and learn.


What do you think? ;) (Oshkosh on top, Chicago on the bottom)



It would be nice to merge them.

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It was the third region IIRC and was added after the devs went to the airshow there. I do’t think it ever was a region added by requests.

Don’t always need to be in a Jet. Apart from Oshkosh being Oshkosh, Its great for the Super D.

Do it. Now.

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Where is Oshkosh?

…Do what?

The region. Make it a feature request.

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What region?

A fusion between Oshkosh and Chicago. I don´t know how big could that region end up being.

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