Why not use Parachutes?

It might feel really stupid to ask this but why don’t commercial airlines include parachute for safety purposes.You’ll say maybe…it’s too expensive, Passengers might misuse them,people are not trained to jump out of the skies most are afraid of heights. But don’t you think it’s worth saving lives.Atleast this be the last option but available rather than crash 500+ people to their deaths…i also have mixed feelings about this but what do you think.Am sure even most of those cessna pilots dont have parachutes.For the two three people onboard… Just to cut it short…what’s your view on this!


Jumping out of a plane going 350+kts at 30000ft usually doesn’t end well anyway.


Are you trying to mean a fighter pilot can’t save his life in that scenario

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You would need to teach people HOW to use the parachute first, and they don’t pay too much attention to the safety video when I fly. Neither do I.



A fighter pilot doesn’t jump out of a plane, it has been specifically designed to be an ejection seat. Plus commercial jets and the passengers aren’t trained and probably mentally fit to go through this traumatic ideal (reason i’m saying this, is that why would you have to bail at 30k feet unless its last resort, and if it’s last resort the passengers are in no way going to be as calm as a fighter pilot).

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Why not teach them?not using the safety video though…i mean real training

Tell me, how much time do military pilots need to learn how to parachute well? They’re mentally prepared to do that, because they know they could be shot down at any moment.

Maybe i should have included…why not train people for such circumstances… You keep on saying…In aviation safety first

well you wouldn’t even be able to open the airplane door at 30,000 feet so…

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The structural weight for an expendable roof will be too high.

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That doesn’t necessarily mean…@ 30000 feet…as i said before let it be the last option…i dont think a last option comes at FL300 probably around 5000feet and below

Don’t forget about the +400 ejection seats on the B747.

If there were ejection seats, I probably would have ejected a few times already.


If they made the antonov 225 fly…i believe they can design something similar

One thing is to make something like the An 225 fly, and the other is adding ejection seats and a jettisonable roof for the aircraft, adding a lot of weight (over MTOW), and rising the price of the ticket.

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They say you can survive on the aircraft’s toilet. If you were pointing to survivability.

Here are some reasons off the top of my head:

  1. Having 100 people parachute out of a plane and assume they are smart/dexterous enough to navigate their parachutes so as not to crush each other upon landing seems a tad far fetched to me. Chances of someone being squished get higher, the larger you go
  2. It involves training/extra briefing. I’m no parachutist but I assume to have a successful jump, you need to practice with a professional at least once.
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Interesting…you know what am thinking right!

That’s a whole different ballgame, the roof of the AN-225 follows the design principles of other aircraft a.k.a without expendable roof. Having a expendable roof will increase the weight by a massive margin, with an airline industry trying to shave every last kilogram off the aircraft, this idea won’t take off (pun intended).

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