Why not use multiple runways?

I know nothing of ATC guys so bare with me…my question is when a airport in IF is super busy like Toronto Pearson currently is…why not divert planes to another runway for them to land instead of having planes bundled up waiting for takeoff on the same runway that other planes are using to land… please someone explain to me…again…I know nothing of ATC…just a question…don’t destroy me🤣

They typically do this(on Expert Server) but sometimes the winds do not favor another runway.

Edit: for the most part (from my understanding, im no expert) it depends on traffic volume and organization across controllers. Ill let an ATC Supervisor or Trainer explain more because I dont want to tell you wrong.

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CYYZ is not at peak hour yet, but from now on, the controllers will also utilize runway 06L (instead of only 33R and 33L). This will significantly help them reduce the traffic queue for departures.


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