Why NOT Smoked Tyres in IF?

Hi, Guys!

I’ve been on latest version of IF and lots of improvements have already been made like a truck backs your aircraft and bridges connect to aircraft. But still a big issue have needed to be solved. Issue is that when plane lands, tyre must show smoke behind.

I’ve seen many simulators and seen that tyres were giving smoke while landing. Smoke will produce realism.

If tyres have hit hard on the runway, that should generate lot of smoke and if tyres hit normally on runway, that should product less smoke. It will tell us the landing quality too.

How to confirm which tyre has touched the ground in this pic? Only smoke can tell I think.

So, I request to IF Admin to please do the work on this as early as possible. Thanks.

Do you wanna see tyre smoke while landing the Aircraft in Infinite Flight?

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  • No

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Please take a look at the thread linked below. It seems like there’s a lot of support for this, so do cast your vote to let the developers know that you want this to be developed!