Why not if it's possible ? ...

The reality degree in IF is often astonishing.

However, there some details of which I don’t understand why they are not implemented yet :

  • Why does the gear has not his own specific shadow ? This would contribute very much to reality.
  • Why has the landing lights not his specific reflections, although all the other lights do have ?

And if possible, why wouldn’t the landing lights do what they do in real live : light the space in front of the plane ?

even computers have trouble generating this in games and you expect this to happen on a mobile device?


These and other features will be added in the future, developers can’t do all these things quickly…another thing, don’t post in #developer if you’re not a contributor.

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I’m not really sure why you want shadow for the landing gear, as it wouldn’t be shown anyways because of you know… the fuselage