Why not develop an Infinite Flight UWP version?

I suggest to develop a Infinite Flight UWP (Universal Windows Platform) version in which with only one piece of code, it can run on PCs Tablets Phones HoloLens Xbox etc.
I am a current UWP developer and I found it very easy to get my hands on it.

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“one piece of code”

I like you.

Why don’t u play x-plane 10

bc I play IF on my android simulator

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I mean, for real, it is universal. There is no need to build two separated apps. With the same code it works on virtually any Windows devices.

you also forgot one thing,


do you think they can expand to very single platform?

That’s cool, and in what you work on? Fsims, racing games?

I’m sure that windows 10 users are expecting it. Also it is possible to convert a iOS app to a UWP app with a converter made by Microsoft. It will support Objective-C. That toolkit can easily make a iOS app to a native UWP app. For example, Instagram for Windows Phone is converted from Instagram for iOS.

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as a 15 yr Chinese student studying in America, I am just doing a simple toolbox in which it is NOT released yet bc it is under development.


That’s nice :)

There is your answer why it’s not used.

According to statistics, Windows 10 already has 300 million users, and it is still growing.

IF stopped supporting Windows. This is why it is not used. It doesn’t matter how many users are on Windows 10 if they don’t even update it anymore.

they only said it does not support Windows Phone anymore, not Windows 10. Windows 10 Mobile uses the same core with the core on Windows 10 14393.10 version.
it never came to a windows PC though. people are expecting it to come to Windows PCs.
The version currently in Windows Store only supports Windows Phones and it uses the sdk of Windows Phone 7.
Actually, IF never came to Windows 10 at all, because it never used windows 10’s sdk.


The developers said they are not making a pc version in the near future.

That version is for developing things for the mobile version. For the last time, They aren’t making one right now.

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well I’m sure windows users are expecting it. so your discretion

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Well it sucks for them doesn’t it? Because they aren’t making one.

I don’t care a lot because I installed an Android on my Surface Pro 3.

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