Why not Airline Logos on Wing

a question to the employees of Infinite Flight or to the people who know that too.

Why are the logos not displayed at the wing tips (winglets or sharklets) in the game, as here in the example at Lufthansa. Also not in the game. That’s what most airlines do to re-display the logo, but why is it barely done in the game?

This is not a Feature Request!


I really dont know.

Good question for the Devs.


I think it’s because the aircraft Infinite Flight used is D-AIZR. When this aircraft flew for Lufthansa, it didn’t have the logo on the sharkets. You can see this here image It would be good to have it with the logo on the winglets as it can get quite boring just looking at a blank sharklet.


That could actually be an argument. However, this affects almost all airlines like easyjet, wizz air and everything else!

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What do you mean?

Im pretty sure it’s because airline logos on the wing tend to be small and sometimes are not notice. And so it would just be a waste of time for a small detail.

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I wonder the same. No logos on SAS’ a330 winglets

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The answer to this is not straight forward.
As mentioned by @AH_aviation - it could be that the aircraft we did, did not have the feature at the time we did it.

It could also be human error / lack of images showing this specific feature. When the liveries are made, our artists try to find as much detailed images as possible to make it as accurate as possible. Sometimes, there’s simply no images showing some features and they are therefore missed.

And on the older models, it was simply not possible technically at the time.


Well there is a good possibility that IF does not have that specific aircraft livery with the logo on the wing tip. Also, IF isn’t always completely caught up with the very newest airline liveries.

Edit: It might be a human error too 🙂


Ok. Thanks for your Answer :)

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The B737 of Aeromexico has the logo on the wing

In this picture, you can see the new winglet for Lufthansa.




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