Why no thread for A320/A321NEO

It surprises me that is there no thread for requesting the A320/A321 NEO in the features category. I don’t think I can request, but someone definitely should.

  • Justin Duval
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oh nevermind thanks guys!!

you guys should definitely vote!

Planes like the A220 should also be developed there is a huge amount of votes and maybe even the 737 MAX!

I do have to say the A350 is my favorite hence my profile pic… I wish to captian the beutiful A350 one day at a young age.

The devs will decide what comes next after the B777 rework.

ya Infinte Flight has doen a great job

I think according to the votes it will proboly be the A220 and it would help IF’s fleet versitility as the have the Embraer series right now and thats about it for planeds that size.

and maybe a A330 rework

followed by a 747 rework altough they are dwindling in number.

I think they are trying to rework their current fleet, and then add newer aircraft, or maybe I read it wrong when they first announced the a350.