Why no pattern works?

I was just wondering, why controller sometimes choose not to allow pattern works? I was at EHAM today on expert servers hoping to do some pattern works but when I listened to ATIS, it said I can’t. Just wondering why? And when I can do them (with ATC of course).

On the Expert Server, allowing pattern work is the controllers discretion. It all depends on conditions present such as weather, amount of traffic and airport location. Those are just some of the reasons ;)

As far as when you should do them well that depends on the terrain, weather and how busy the airport is. If it’s not busy, IFATC love when they have company and enjoy sending commands to pilots who want to work on their landings.


Oh ok. So if the controller doesn’t like doing pattern works, but the weather is fine and everything else is fine, they can choose not to do it?

They can essentially but if they are able almost all will be more than happy to allow patterns. If it’s during a Friday Night Flight though that’s a different story.


What happens during FNF? Can I not do pattern works? Because I like doing pattern works in a busy airspace

Mainly because pattern work can sometimes turn into a mess when there is lots of aircraft around.

If it gets too busy pattern work gets too much. If you go to one of the smaller less popular airports you will likely find you can do as many patterns as you like so long as METAR says there is no low cloud.

It depends on traffic. If I have 50 aircraft inbound and 50 on the ground I’m not going to allow patternwork.


If the ATIS says that it’s not allowed then it’s not allowed. A FNF is almost always very busy so pattern work will give ATC too much traffic load.

Yeah ok. That makes sense. Thank you

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@Levet you can close the topic now if there’s nothing else you want to tell me

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If the ATIS doesn’t have “No Patternwork” in it and the traffic, terrain and weather allow I suggest and recommend doing patterns ;)

You’ll see me doing them soon to get my Grade 5 back. I’ve been busy building a Master bathroom from scratch. I haven’t been active much lately and I miss flying/controlling dearly!


When I looked 10 mins ago, EHAM had well over 120 inbounds. Not a great time to do patterns.

Patterns are great at quiet airports.


Well good luck. Happy flying!

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MaxSez: “No pattern work” during hi tempo ops is completely understandable. On the other hand “No Intersection Departures” gets my attention every time it’s posted on ATIS. Intersection Departures are expeditors and should be offered at Pilots Discretion always. I avoid any airport that preclude this procedure. It’s inclusion indicates Controllers lack of confidence and a complete misunderstanding of flow control principles. Just Sayin, Max

(Info; @Levet@azeeuwnl@Joe)


I totally agree Max. The only time intersection departures are to be prohibited is if it would block an important taxiway.

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This is correct. Hopefully there are some things in the works that will help alleviate taxiway congestion and allow the controllers to manage flow easier.


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