Why no noise ATC?

Why is there no ATC noise?

Please elaborate, what issue are you having? Is there simply no ATC voice or no sound at all? Try flipping your phone’s ringer switch on.

Are you talking about the background ATC I’m solo mode? Well they happened to remove that…

Welcome to the forum, Adam. As Sean stated, please explain your issue. What device are you using? Is this in Solo or Live?

if this is live? its a glitch that sometimes the atc voice will be muted, just restart the app
solo mode: go to settings and look from there

I am the same problem . I restarted the app and reinstalled . LG Pad 840. After the last update I can not hear the sound of atc .

Please provide specific details and include whether or not your issue is related to Live or Solo mode.

ATC Chatter was removed from Solo mode several updates back. It might return at some point. :)


Hopefully it will be back