Why no A350-1000

Before I begin… I know this has been asked like a 1000 times but I can’t find no true awnser. Why is there no A350-1000 variant in the sim? Some airlines such as BA and Virgin Altantic only operate the -1000 variant and it’s quite disappointing that you can’t fly them liveries because there’s no -1000. The IF development team added all the 777 variants so why not add the A350-1000?


I have no clue it would be nice to have it in the game


I think #features topic would be more Better

The reason why there are the 777 variants was because we had all 777 variants available us. This could not be said about the A350 as we did not have the -900 or the -1000 at all. This if I recall correctly stemmed from when the CRJs were being done. Too much time was being consumed when developing these. Infinite Flight made the decision to halt doing families of aircraft when being created scratch. While they are not completely ruled out from being added they could still be considered for a future aircraft addition.