Why Newark (KEWR/EWR) Should be 3D

I believe Newark Airport was and still is one of the most crucial airports in the New York/New Jersey Area in the past few years. Not greatly rated, but Newark always seems to have dense traffic and has aircraft going to all over the planet. It has flights spreading as far as Singapore! And it also has the size and layout that I think is 3D worthy. Take this for example…

Newark is a Hub for United Airlines, it serves plenty of international traffic every day, and also has over 30 airlines flying to and from it. EWR has 3 runways, plenty of taxiways, and many terminals that serve millions of passengers every year.

Another interesting fact, it has a pretty cool history behind it. That is that it was the first airport in the New York Area ( or at least the first busy one), and it has a beautiful departure Sid route (I’ll link one of my favorite videos below). Newark has been my favorite airport since I was about 6 when I flew in. Even though I haven’t been there in a little bit, I always get excited to go there. Now aside from real life, it would really make my year being able to virtually fly in to a slightly more realistic and good-looking Newark, from the city skyline, to the landing and taking off the aircraft on parallel runways.


I believe your wish has already been granted…