Why New Jets Could Destroy Airlines

I found this video on YouTube. Many people and carriers thinks that fuel efficient planes are good for them. However, in a long term range, This could destroy many airlines. Especially for those who operate Hub and Spoke system. Because passengers opted to fly direct (e.g Sydney-London, Rio de Janeiro-Tokyo) instead of having a stop on one of these hub and spoke carriers’ hub (e.g Sydney-Singapore-London, Rio de Janeiro-Dubai-Tokyo)


Air New Zealand will be fine they already have operate on these types small routes (787-9) and people in new zealand really like air new zealand and would much rather fly with them then most airline and very little passenger number dont fly direct to there destination maybe a few from aussie to usa/south america but we are directly on the way to those locations anyway.

No so sure on airlines like Emirates,British Airways,Singapore Airlines this may badly effect them.

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Sydney to London direct won’t be a thing for a long time.


777-200LR with 2 passengers seems a viable plan

mate i play airline tycoon online 2 trust me


Airlines, like any business, have to adapt if their business model is showing signs of failure. Ideally a company that follows ABC (Always Be Changing) will see a potential obstacle to their business ahead of time and take appropriate actions. The ones that can will keep going. The ones that can’t will get left behind. There’s a lot of smart people out there. I’m sure most airlines will be ok.


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