Why my topic got closed?

Hi. About a day ago i did this post (Full List of missing liveries of passenger carriers (I dont know why it's closed)). 7 hours later it got closed
Just to mention:

  • Topic was posted in general
  • It is not a wishlist
  • I have read about TL and it seems ok
  • I can’t see the cause of closing
    I got a version that i could post this list at “Developers”. Please, help

I’d recommend contacting the moderator who closed it to get the full story. A full topic like this is not needed


Can i ask you, where i can see the name of moderator at my list. Couldn’t find it

After checking the topic, I couldn’t see who closed it. I’d recommend waiting for a moderator to respond to this topic so they can see it and get the answer to you!


I’d be interested in the reason as well - it seemed like you put in a lot of work and time into the thread.

But I’m sure there’s a good reason for it 🙂

Look at this - its a reason of closing of similar topic (Overview list of missing Airline liveries in Infinite Flight)

My logic would that there are feature requests for most if not all aircraft listed in the thread. But we should wait for the moderator who closed it/a moderator to comment on this thread to get your answer

This isn’t necessarily a request though.

It might also be because it’s a “duplicate”, in the sense that the Google Sheets still “exists”. But I doubt it.

As Connor said, let’s wait for a mod to explain. There’s probably a good reason.

But it is not a duplicate title. Other title doesn’t have “livery with aircraft model” type.


Tommi’s list: Turkish airlines - star alliance - a320

Other list: Turkish airlines (no info about livery and model)

That old topic was closed almost 2 years ago, i can’t believe my topic could be closed as duplicate, and im not talking about difference between formalization

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I agree, if a topic has been closed; does it mean that people can no more talk about it?

Also as i said, titles include different details.

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Should post it at “Developer”, i guess 😂

If it’s good reason, it’s SO rare reason, check this: closed topic - #5 by Chris_S

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What is happening?? Can’t see the reply, if it exists


It seems a moderator didn’t close it at all, otherwise it would show one of their profile pics next to the topic as they would be last person to respond to the topic.

It seems like a discourse glitch to me, I would pm a mod and work on getting it reopened.

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When closing a topic. There’ll be a little cross by it. If they press that then it won’t show up. I know this from my own forum. Normally they don’t do it unless its a mistake. Like I said. PM Seb, the mod you tagged, and ask him about it.

They’d have good reason, so ask them why they closed it before asking for them to reopen it. Without knowing the story


Thank you, appreciate your move!

I will PM you when able. Just a little busy today!