Why my subscription was ended after the 20.2 update

Hey fellow pilots,
I just wanted to bring up the fact that after the 20.2 update I wasn’t able to sign into my account and was unable to use pro EVEN THOUGH I PAYED FOR A MONTH LIKE A WEEK AGO. So now what? Do I have to buy another month and waste 10 more dollars on a subscription I already have? I’m so annoyed by this and I would like to have the pro that I payed for. This flight sim is so fun but it’s not when you gotta pay twice. Please let me know how this can be resolved so I can enjoy these flights as much as you guys.

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Hey Mason! This post may help you:

If not, support staff are the best person to help you with this. Standby for them.

Hello @Mason_Mihelich!

What is your last callsign you used?

Japan air 777

Thank you!

It should be okay now :)

Some thing happened to me