Why my post was flagged as inappropriate

Sorry. My post was flagged as Inappropriate… I’m sorry for screaming at you guys. And I apologize to Tsumia & Joseph007, I’m also sorry that Joseph007 laughed at me. I will never not flag my other posts as inappropriate again. I will never ever do it.


Why is this in #features? Switch this over to #general or #meta


I think they will be glad to hear that. Please send them a PM. Whatever you did does not need to be Public. You have a right to privacy.

Why is this is #features?

I am sending them a PM. How do I do that.

Click the Message button on either of their profiles and then add the other person. 🙃

Click on @Tsumia or @Joseph007 's profile and click Private Message :) Im sure they will be happy and you guys can figure things out!