Why my landings suck

im am an xplane pilot. I am a TDV( The Delta Virtual) F/O on the 738 and 739. When I fly the 737 in xplane i normally get a landing rate of around -100 to -350 but in infinite flight i average normally -300 to -700

this is not what i expect

why is that


Mobile is much more different than pc, pc has yoke and sidestick, will mobile idealizes tilt, you can however, connect yoke/sidestick to your mobile device.

I feel u IF landing physics are a little weird u could even flare @ 20 coming in @ 140 kt and get a -600 lol is what it is i’d suggest playing with the trim as well as come in around 135-140 and begin flare earlier

I always thought that kind of landing is alright 😂

No matter what, the 737 is not built to land smoothly


Aircraft design. From what I got from an aviation website and Mentour Pilot, the 738 and 739 never lands smoothly due to its low but long fuselage, limiting flare angle in order to prevent a tailstrike. The A320 doesn’t have this problem since it is higher up.


That’s just gear sink, it is well capable of buttering the landing.

Out of curiosity, are you still attempting to land with a joystick connected?

The 737’s are some of the easiest to land with as they can hold a great glideslope at -900 or so at 140kts. I glide down from 1000ft at 140kts, and then kill the thrust under 100ft, flare around 30


Who hired you? Ryanair? Jk.

But that’s not exactly true. It’s a very easy plane to land because of its slow-speed capabilities. Just look at these amazing landings!


I usually pull back the thrust at 30 since I don’t wanna have a huge sink rate during the flare. Also a tip: Do not flare too much when the speed hasn’t decreased by at least a few knots, this will lead to excessive float. Pull back more as your speed goes down.

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You can notice the gear sink very well in this video, the initial touchdown is very soft but the transition to the ground makes it seem harder than it actually is.


I agree but it was meant to get u down safely (which by definition is a great landing) plus takeoffs are always fun of the 738 which makes it the goat of all goats lol (ik theres more but still had to represent for my favorite aircraft )

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Make sure you don’t land too fast. Bleed some airspeed off before hitting the ground.

@bbhusty two things help a lot first is watch the videos on YouTube for the different aircraft. The second thing is repetition. I recommend going into single player while your still learning and just take off and land do short flights. Best of luck to you!

Practice makes perfect. Make sure you have the right flaps and the correct Trim set. And calibrate your device before you land. Also looking down the runway can help you gage your flare etc and your position on the runway itself. You have to master each aircraft type. But saying that the 738/739 series are not easy to land as @IF_International said. But dont worry we are here to help you butter those landings if you need it!



Is that a ryanair joke?

and the crowd begins to laugh


It can butter a landing, yes. But was not designed to irl

Yes i agree w u haha but apparently that was not the original design to make the plane a smooth lander if thats a word

no i gave up on that a while back

I literally don’t think any plane was designed to land smoothly but ok