Why my callsign only allow me in Capital?

So callsign, I change some time depending of the flight route I take, for ex. If I flight London Heathrow to Atlanta with delta a330, flight number is Delta 33 or DL033. Now, when I coming in I like when the tower said “Delta 123…” whatever number it is, but for me if I put Delta 123… the app capitalized to DELTA123. So tower call Delta-Echo-Lima-Tango-Alpha123…

I see other people with callsign Delta 123. What I am doing wrong?

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If you just want it to say “Delta ###,” make sure when setting your callsign that you select “Airlines” on the left, select Delta, then type in the flight number and it will read the name correctly


Sweet!!! Thanks a bunch👍🏻👍🏻

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