Why Most Planes Are White...

Here’s a little video explaining why most planes are white. Most of you probably already know about this but I thought I should share it with you.

Video Link: https://youtu.be/wet833J5OYU

Not My Video


Air New Zealand has a livery all black :/.


Yeah but the Silver has white in it .

I thought it was because it just looks good. Interesting video.


LOL, I just watched that last night. It’s cool to know why most planes are white now.


and…? Did you watch the video lol.


Well one, the title said most, not all :) , and second those are special liveries, one was for promoting the All Blacks NZ rugby team (777-300ER, A320, and ATR-72), the other is on 787-9 to celebrate the first 787-9 delivery to Air New Zealand.


Common sense in excellent practice, I can’t say I’m surprised by the facts but I had not known them previously.

I watched this a couple of days ago

I saw that video today actually. It does make sense.

I saw that video earlier today too quite interesting but then you think why is that New Zealand livery on the 777 mostly black ?

That’s why the Pepsi Concorde had to go much lower and much slower :)


Interesting. Learn something new everyday

Very helpful video! Thanks for sharing:-)

I’ve always been a little disappointed when an airline has a primarily white livery, this helps me appreciate them more:-)

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Huh. I never thought about why the’re white. Definitely an interesting reason.
I guess that’s also why they normally paint the bottom. No sunlight coming from the ground.

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Sorry for the misunderstanding, I meant on the YouTube Video. You don’t
need to get all mad, and yes I know the definition of racism… @Cpt_Chris.

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